Life is Short!

Capturing the Season.

Meet The Photographer


Hi, I'm Chloe!

My goal is to capture the beauty of the season you are in through pictures that will last a lifetime!

I wanted to be a photographer as long as I can remember! I got my very first camera when I was four, which was a barbie polaroid which I took with me everywhere and I've been taking pictures ever since! I've been a professional photographer for seven years now and been offering social media management services since 2019. My business until the start of year seven was 100% built off of social media and word of mouth and I've been able to help other small businesses grow through the power of social media for almost three years.

I can honestly say that I have the best job in the world! I get to meet beautiful people and capture them throughout all different stages of life, during some of the most intimate and special moments. I am SO Thankful for all of my clients who have also become some of my closest friends and family and I am extremely excited to get to work with you too!

I cannot wait to capture you and your family during your special season!

With Love,


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© 2022 All Rights Reserved